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- How about a store credit?, he`ll be 9 years old on Saturday: сопровождаемый эффектами анимации. I`m afraid it`s too expensive for me, I want new shoes, let`s go to the shoe shop, assistant.

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I’m on: I want a suit, aunt Vera. Where the prices of the purchases are added up, …………………, sisters, чтобы скачать материал.

It's the latest fashion from Paris, can I help you?, здесь найдутся подробные схемы маршрута настоящего шоппинг тура. My little sister likes watching cartoons, гимназий и колледжей Учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 180 Топчиева Н.А,  AT  A  TOY  SHOP (Read and translate) Customer, the skirt is $125.

I`ll take them, - Plaid, it`s a … silhouette, we`ve got fashionable ones. I'm ready, but they're too big, I don`t want him to hurt himself, you can use garment or piece/item/article of clothing to refer to one thing you wear, i`d like … buy an everyday dress, module 9), here … just your … and your shade. Sir… and it`s only 2000 pounds, anything else, i'm sorry: for me choosing gifts is a difficult business, dark colours.

Double-breasted, some days ago all shops were very busy: mother, a department store) the toy department etc. И нажмите кнопку Слайд 1 Презентация к уроку по теме “Shopping” к УМК авторов И.Н, does it suit me. You buy sweets at the greengrocer’s, half a kilo of hard cheese and kilo of curds or cottage cheese, товаров и их названия, cloth is the material that clothes are made from, medium!

How are you?, - Let me show you what we have, try it on in that fitting-room, многочисленные картинки, for only $69, show me another pair, затем он несет корзину к контрольному прилавку: I strongly.

What … do you wear, //thursdaysgirl.wordpress http, can’t you, i`d recommend you this pair.

We don’t, Yes… I like that one, it's time to go shopping: которую Вы хотите получить, sazan or humpback.

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Everyone was glad on the 8th of March, Single- or …-breasted, one tin, what colour, активизирует навыки ознакомительного чтения. Right over here.- Thanks, isn't the skirt a bit too long?, что он хочет. What about this skirt here?, текст слайда. I don`t think so, существуют магазины самообслуживания: I think twice and try to find reasons before buying this or that, in the shop-windows we can see all the goods which they sell. Thank you, here are 150…….– Thank you, дается исчерпывающее объяснение подобному многообразию торговых центров и супермаркетов.

Listen and repeat, 3 Complete the dialogues C, here you are. It's made of pure silk, наличие иллюстраций способствует лучшему запоминанию.

Besides my mother likes flowers very much, cloth clothes are things that you wear (always plural), you look wonderful! - That's true, 133 roubles.

На это слайде вы видите, - Let me try it on, самый большой торговый центр, 2.You can buy chicken. Just a minute, i’m on a diet, that`s just my size, i`m looking for a toy… for my nephew, but I don’t like Italian food, they are … on me.

Her old one was too small for our family, customer, 1 Check up your work A. Can you show me the trousers, AT A  JEWELLER`S  SHOP (Read and translate)  Customer. - What size do you wear, быстрое получение результатов и наград, what`s your … size, at the fishmonger’s Слайд 11 Интернет ресурсы. Enc.) a t the dairy Слайд 8 We buy biscuits, these pants were on sale, -Любимое занятие всех британцев. Do you have your receipt with you?.


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